About NirnStorm

My Name is NirnStorm, also known as Nirn or Rue.

I’m a streamer and a content creator on Twitch and YouTube, currently playing and streaming mainly The Elder Scrolls Online with a focus on endgame PvP, and occasionally additional games, such as Among Us, The Witcher 3, Skyrim and others.

Until recently, I used to work at a software development company, but I’ve always been very passionate about content creation, and even during my previous job I would occasionally stream games and upload videos of my gameplay to YouTube.

Throughout 2020, I decided to make content creation my full-time profession and job, and I’ve been working on creating and improving my content ever since. You can now find my content on many different platforms, from YouTube and Twitch which I am currently partnered with, to Twitter and Discord, and now – on my own platform, this website.

Ever since I became aware of their existence, I’ve always been very interested in MMOs. I’ve spent many years playing WoW, Rift Online and similar titles, and at the same time I’ve always been very passionate about The Elder Scrolls universe and their series of games; so when an MMO of the elder scrolls universe was released, naturally that was a game I knew was meant for me.

Already on the Beta stages of ESO, I knew PvP was the place for me to be. The concept of an open world map with huge groups on multiple sides fighting against one another on dynamic terrain, with advanced and dynamic combat mechanics was very appealing to me. Since then, I’ve been playing PvP in ESO for over 7 years in many different formats: 1vXing, small-scaling, battlegrounds and organized group-play and group leading.

I’ve achieved many things in the game, such as Grand Overlord rank, many emperorships, playing with some of the most successful groups on both the NA and the EU servers, and collaborating with many amazing players and content creators. I am also a member in ESO’s own stream team and communicate with Zenimax Online’s Community Managers and Developers as well.

Over the long period of time I have played PvP in this game, I’ve accumulated and collected a vast amount of knowledge and information regarding game mechanics, balance, and everything PvP – this knowledge I am hoping to share with all of you through this website.

To view more of my content, make sure to check out my channels on: Twitch, YouTube, Twitter & Discord.
If you’re interested in supporting my content and this website, make sure to check out my Patreon page.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your PvP adventures!


About The Site

This site was created in order to share NirnStorm’s content and information with the community, as well as to create a massive PvP Hub for experienced and new PvP players alike. We wish for this site to provide all the information a PvP player could want and need to learn and improve in The Elder Scrolls Online, and potentially other games in the future.

The site was created by Nirnstorm & Ghostbane, and built mainly by Ghostbane himself.

About Ghostbane

Ghostbane is a Web Developer, Addon author and an ESO player. He seems to like PVP based on the collection of Grand Overlords he has been gathering from the games launch. More recently he has been working on writing addons to give trade guild teams better tools to manage their members and guild(s), as well as creating two well-used PvP addons: AP Meter and Greyskull.

The Builds Team

In addition to NirnStorm’s own content, this website contains builds made by some of ESO’s best players and content creators, who were hand-picked to be featured on this site as they are the top creators for their respective class/es. Each one of them is a known and well respected player with many years of experience in the game’s PvP, has become a staple of their respective class, and been a big part in dictating the meta for said class, or breaking it.

We’d like to thank and shout-out: Malcolm, AnimationCancelling, Static Wave, AkinosPvP, Heresyall, Grimhallow, FakeZavos and Rhage Lionpride for being a part of our builds team and working together with us to bring the best PvP content of The Elder Scrolls Online to the community.

Additional Credits

Conjured Kitten

Conjured Kitten is a brilliant artist who provided some of the site’s art assets and the site logo, as well as NirnStorm’s emotes and Twitch badges. She is an incredibly talented artist and a wonderful person to work with, and we can’t thank her enough for her work. Be sure to check out her website to see her work and get in touch with her.

Conjured Kitten, emote and icon designs


We’d like to thank ESO-Hub.com for providing us with their Tooltip Plugin, it’s been a very useful tool to use for the site and we appreciate it very much.